Is 924 Gilman turning into just another punk club?

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East Bay punk band FILTH at its 2010 reunion at 924 Gilman.

This week, SF Weekly writer Matt Saincome reports that "pragmatists and idealists are clashing over the future of 924 Gilman", Berkely's legendary punk club that used to review lyrics before they were sang (or screamed) over the PA to make sure they "they didn't feature any sexist, racist, or homophobic content." That doesn't happen anymore, reports Saincome. Door prices have gone up from the typical $5 to $7 to $15 at some shows, too. Step inside 924 Gilman, started by righteously fanatical punk zine Maximum Rocknroll, with these creative commons images from flickr users.

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Pragmatists and Idealists Clash Over the Future of 924 Gilman

Published on August 15, 2012

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Back in the 90's the drummer of the band I was in wanted to play there, he informed me I needed to send the lyrics to Gillman so we could get a show.  I thought about it for about two seconds and said no.  Fuck no.  PC punks are the most tiresome children to be found, they make neo hippies seem tolerant and open minded.


It always puzzled me when punks would write retarded lyrics like those mentioned in the article, lyrics like that just means you are not clever enough to come up with something interesting or funny.  But why anyone would let their thing be judged by a bunch of hippy/punk/krusties in need of a bath is a mystery.  Might as well as let the PMRC run Gillman.


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