No Pants BART Ride 2014

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It's like that weird nightmare you had as a child came to life, except you're not in class, but on BART. Happening around the country, the annual no pants ride on public transportation went off without a hitch, and lucky for Bay Area pant-less riders, the weather wasn't that bad. Photography by Richard Haick.

Published on January 13, 2014

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srsly what is the point of this.  

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Yuch !!! My boyfriend would like to see more girls and no boys and I agree with him. This is the ugliest subway ride group I have seen yet.

sfhrod topcommenter

why so much coverage on this? and what's the point of this? is there money raised for charity, or cancer research? Right now it seems very selfish of people to do this. 

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@sfhrodAbout the stupidest comment I've seen yet. These folks are ugly but charity and cancer research are two of the biggest ripoffs ever.

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