Souls of San Francisco, October 2013

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The Castro:

"What do you do in the city?"

"I work with the Shanti Project. We're dedicated to helping people with HIV and other terminal illnesses cope with their situation."

"How did you get involved with them?"

"Well...let's see. I'm 70 now, I've been living with HIV for 30 years."

"You're 70!?! No way. You look amazing."

"'s hard to get out of bed everyday but I work with a lot of young people and they keep me young."

"And I know you inspire them, thank you for what you do."

Photographer Garry Bowden zig-zags across the City, taking photos of the diverse population that makes up San Francisco. He conducts a small interview with every person he shoots, and is currently in the works to produce a second book of San Franciscans' photos and stories; take a peek at the Kickstarter page, which is up through October 23rd.

Check out 10 people from "Souls of San Francisco":

Published on October 11, 2013

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