The Annual Everything-Music Convention: NAMM 2014

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Todd Buller/Ruben/ Paul MacLachlan of nSLASHa at Yorkville/Traynor-

The annual convention for music merchants and everything music industry related converged on the Anaheim Convention Center this past week. This year's show had a modern edge where innovation, creativity and tech were highly focused on. The Bay Area music industry leaders were also present with their own impressive booths such as: Dunlop and Monster, the latter seemed to have advanced this years newest items towards the growing movement in electronics and visual presentations. I found myself not just strolling through the classic "band" gear, but found a wonderland for the DJ this year as well, where pads, lightshows and digital screens are the medium. There was no shortage of elite artists seen demonstrating instruments or just checking out the goods themselves. Spotted at the show: Marilyn Manson, Stevie Wonder, George Lynch, Steven Tyler, Doyle, Piggy D and Mike Inez. Steve Stevens was seen signing autographs at yet another Bay Area Merchant booth, Rock N' Roll Relics Guitars, based in SF. Every night after the show concluded the surrounding hotels and venues became alive with nightly performances and parties; this was the pre-Grammy place to be and there was no shortage of top level performances. Photography by Calibree.

Published on January 27, 2014

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Great photo of Nate Lopez at the Blackbird Guitar booth!

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