The Top 21 Bay Area Metal Albums

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21. Asunder, Works Will Come Undone
For all its gloom, funereal doom is gorgeous, spacious stuff. Oakland-based Asunder stamped its bloody handprint on the genre with Works Will Come Undone, which also turned out to be its swan song. The album's two concerto-length tracks crawl towards you on guitars at turns crushing and melodic, wisps of cello, and soul-shaking bass vocals from John Gossard and Dino Sommese. "A Famine" ushers you in with layers of chanting and riffage before "A Rite of Finality" pins you fast, an ever-shifting sanctuary of sorrow. -- Beth Winegarner

Think of Bay Area metal, and you may think of a certain band with an iconic logo and a big-ass catalog and a Napster problem. And yes, the classic output of that band still looms pretty large. But while Metallica and thrash play a big part, the story of Bay Area metal includes many different sounds and tempos -- and even a few bands that you may not think of as "metal" proper. Here then is our list of the Top 21 Bay Area metal albums of all time. Enjoy.

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This post originally appeared on All Shook Down, SF Weekly's music blog.

Published on November 26, 2012

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Yeah, SF is the first place I think of regarding "metal."  What a joke. 

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