Blank Banshee and Danny Delorean (Turbo Drive) at Starline Social Club, Thursday, Nov.16th, 2017


Blank Banshee — one of the Vaporwave music scene’s most visually iconic and celebrated artists — floated his way into Starline Social Club this past Thursday, November 16th as one of the final stops on a lengthy world tour. DJ support from Danny Delorean of Turbo Drive kicked off the night, adding atmospheric and beat-driven jams that became progressively heavier, neatly segueing into the rest of the night.

Blank Banshee’s set was preceded by a one-hour long audio-visual presentation featuring Vaporwave aesthetics such as low-polygon models and faces, distorted sculptures, pastel colors, and landscapes, backed by a continuous mix of original Vaporwave as well as some hip hop and music by other artists. A less-than-subtle timer was displayed during this time, counting down until Blank Banshee took the stage.

Fans arrived at the show clad in only the finest Vaporwave gear, including 3D glasses, Windows logo hoodies, reflective construction vests, and pastel everything. The crowd was one of the most pleasant I’ve dealt with, and everybody was more than happy to put themselves into a dabbing pose for a photo.

Once he hit the stage, Blank Banshee rhythmically bashed the pads on his MIDI controller but stayed incredibly focused on the soundscape he was creating, twisting knobs and sliding faders to add effects and textures to his hour-long performance. Favorites such as ‘Teen Pregnancy’, ‘My Machine’, and ‘Wavestep’ were part of the show, with many fans singing along to the vocal samples used in the tracks. Unreleased tracks also made their way into Blank Banshee’s set, which wrapped up with the artist high-fiving and shaking hands with half the audience on the way out of the room.


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