Carpenter Brut and Jean Jean at Regency Ballroom, April 14, 2018


Possibly the most well-known aggressive Synthwave artist, Carpenter Brut performed at The Regency Ballroom this past Saturday, April 14th, in support of their first full-length album, ‘Leather Teeth’. The trio of live bandmembers pounded through a lengthy setlist celebrating the project’s string of EPs, playing crowd favorites such as ‘Turbo Killer’, and ‘Disco Zombi Italia’, all of which were backed with a massive display showing kitschy 80s horror-tinged music videos and newly created sleazy, satanic imagery. 

While the act’s latest album featured guest vocals on multiple tracks, often reminiscent of 80s hair metal, the live show delivered these as pre-recorded tracks on anthemic songs such as ‘Beware the Beast’ and ‘Cheerleader Effect’. Despite the absence of a live vocalist, the band exuded a wealth of energy, with the guitarist thrashing around the entirety of the stage and interacting with the crowd, the keyboardist aggressively pounding multiple racks of synths, and the drummer displaying an array of intense expressions while driving the prominent beats for the set.
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