Cold Beat, Warm Drag and Mall Walk at Slim’s Nov.10

After hearing about Cold Beat’s latest album, ‘Chaos by Invitation’, through various outlets dedicated to Industrial music, I jumped at the opportunity to catch them live. Fronted by vocalist and writer Hannah Lew, Cold Beat hit Slim’s this past Friday, November 10th and performed a set of synth rock that was varied in style and tone. Some tracks offered the stoic, mechanical feel of minimal EBM, while others delved more into melodic, softer realms, comparable to acts like Austra or Nite Jewel.
Atypical for a genre filled with vocalist/keyboardist duos, Cold Beat had a four-member crew performing, with more keyboards onstage than a Mac store, with vocals and guitars layered over the keys and production. Lasers and fog added moody, sci-fi-ish atmospherics to the performance. Local projects Mall Walk, Warm Drag, and Franke Ene opened the night, adding some synth-pop and noise rock vibes to the mix.


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