Gary Numan and Nightmare Air at Bimbo 365’s, Friday, October 5, 2018

New Wave and electronic rock icon Gary Numan performed at Bimbo 365’s in San Francisco this past Friday, October 5th. Clad in some well-toured Mad Max-meets-Middle Eastern attire, and displaying remarkable levels of energy, Numan and his guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboardist ran through a set that included tracks off of his most recent album, ‘Savage: Songs From a Broken World’.

The sold-out concert included folks from the local goth/industrial music scenes who were especially into Numan’s more recent industrial rock releases, and made efforts at light moshing, as well as New Wavers who enthusiastically sung along to his classics, such as ‘Down in the Park’ and ‘Cars’, chilling at tables.

Despite having just hit 60 years of age, the West London-born Numan moved almost non-stop during the performance, continuing to dance around the stage or play keys during instrumentals, then resuming vocal duties with clarity and strength.

Los Angeles three-piece rock act Nightmare Air opened the night, blending some synths and guitars for a sound that complemented the headliner.

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