John Zorn & Bill Laswell: Konx Om Pax at The Chapel, Saturday July 14, 2018


“Two titans of experimental contemporary music — saxophonist John Zorn, and bassist Bill Laswell — performed a collaborative performance this past Saturday, July 14th at The Chapel in San Francisco.

The partially seated show featured over 45 minutes of intense improvisational work by the duo, each pushing their respective instruments to the limits in extracting odd and otherworldly sounds into a cohesive soundscape that kept the audience thoroughly engaged.

Laswell plucked, slapped and strummed his bass, running the sound through a number of effects pedals, sometimes yielding robotic dubstep-like beats, and other times delicate, piano-like melodies. Zorn’s fingers were like the arms of an octopus, moving everywhere along the surface of his saxophone, and pushing the limits of his lung capacity with wild exhalations yielding all kinds of squeals and pops from his brass.

The performance was the second of a two-night residency at The Chapel, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting a number of organizations directly aiding children separated from their families at border camps. The shows are part of The Chapel’s ongoing “Keeping Families Together” concert series.”

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