Tennyson, Parentz and Julia Lewis, Sept 30th, 2017 at Great American Music Hall

Fans of the electronic jazz stylings of Canadian brother and sister act Tennyson were treated to a performance this past Saturday, September 30th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The duo kicked off their set with a number of instrumental tracks, with drummer Tess setting the mood before keyboardist Luke joined her onstage. Later tracks featured vocals by Luke, and the entire set was backed by a custom lighting setup that pulsed in different colors to the music.

Bay Area synthpop / R&B duo Parentz opened the night, with vocalist Jeremy ‘Shleppy’ Sullivan singing tracks covering topics such as the trials of parking in San Francisco, or pining after someone you wish were single. Drummer, keyboardist, and backing vocalist Jonathan ‘Scrappy Doo’ Hall shared guitar duties with Sullivan, and their performance mixing a variety of genres was well-received by the crowd.

Local electronic and rap producer Julia Lewis performed an instrumental set, spinning his own material alongside current hip hop hits, which moved a guy standing behind me so much that he incessantly commented for twenty minutes that he was going to find the producer’s mixes online.

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