The Radio Dept. and Hot Flash Heat Wave at The Fillmore, January 30th, 2018

When you think of the dream pop music genre, acts that readily come to mind include My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Lush, and Slowdive. And while this string of artists primarily hails from the United Kingdom, the Swedish natives The Radio Dept. have also made a significant mark in the scene as a contemporary and active project the past decade. With just four full-length albums released in their twenty-plus year career, the act has managed to maintain a high level of quality in songwriting and production on their releases, while also evolving and changing their sound, dabbling in synthpop, shoegaze and indie rock realms across their discography.

This past Tuesday, January 30th, The Radio Dept. dropped into San Francisco’s historic Fillmore concert hall to an enthusiastic audience that was also surprisingly young given the dream pop genre’s stereotypical fanbase of musically jaded thirty-somethings. While the band currently consists of core members Johan Duncanson (vocals, guitars) and Martin Carlberg (guitars, keyboards), with Duncanson handling the bulk of songwriting and production, they performed as a quartet live, with additional support on guitars and keyboards. 
Delving into their brief but varied catalog of music, The Radio Dept. placed an emphasis on newer releases, performing faithful renditions of tracks such as ‘Committed to the Cause’ off their latest album, ‘Running Out of Love’, with minor keyboard embellishments spicing up the track, yet still touched on their first couple releases to thank their older fans.


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