4 Frugal Living Tips You Should Try This Year

Frugal living has been gaining interest in the past few years. More people are moving towards a more intentional life, rather than a material one. Regardless of your reasons, choosing frugal living will allow you to enjoy your life more by helping you shape it. Choosing a frugal lifestyle involves making better budget choices.

Below, we’ve cropped a handpicked list of tips that will help you achieve your frugal living goals this year. Sean from Couponbuffer notes that you’re less likely to break these habits if you pick them up one by one. When the next month comes, add another item to your habits. This will help you develop a healthy habit. There’s no reason for you to rush into things. A steady pace is healthier.

Without further ado, here are our 4 frugal living tips that you should try this year:

Never Buy On Impulse
It should go without saying that most items bought on impulse prove to be unnecessary. You’ll still go shopping on a regular basis but you’re not going to buy stuff you don’t need just because an impulse is pushing you towards the purchase. Think twice before buying anything, especially if it’s an expensive piece of technology. More often than not, you’ll do just fine with a less expensive item. Most smartphones, laptops, and other housing appliances do the same thing as their more expensive counterparts.

We’re not saying you should buy the cheapest there is. We’re saying that a little bit of effort should be put into researching the price to quality ratio first.

Do Your Shopping Seasonally
Seasonal shopping is less taxing on your wallet. Fruit and vegetables are usually less expensive if you buy them during their season. Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and kale are all cheaper during winter season. Cauliflower, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach are your better choices during spring. Blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and lots of other fruit are summer’s best friends. Autumn should see you packing potatoes, leeks, squash, and apples. This helps you save money and turns every meal into a fresh one.

Exactly opposite to this is shopping for clothing. Winter clothing will be cheaper during summer months while summer clothing will be cheaper during winter. Stock sales happen often in big shops, so keep your eye peeled for the items that you want.

Cook In Larger Quantities
Frugal living is well accompanied by cooking in bulk. This allows you to better plan your shopping trips for each week while also helping you use up all the leftovers. Investing in a solid Tupperware set will do wonders for this tip, as it will allow you to healthily store your cooked food for longer periods of time without having to worry about it going bad.

Cooking in bulk also saves your precious time. Instead of spending every evening in the kitchen, cropping up something to eat, you’ll be able to spend that time in a more productive way. Not only this but cooking larger quantities of food at the same time also saves you money on the amount of products that you have to buy. Oftentimes when cooking small portions, you don’t fully use every ingredient that you bought.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Leftovers
Leftovers are a normal occurrence for most families. This usually happens more often during holiday season: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, you name it. A lot of food is cooked and not all of it is eaten. But you shouldn’t be afraid of the leftovers. As long as you store them properly, you’ll have a wide variety of meals ready to be eaten. To limit the amount of food your throw away, make good use of your freezer. Especially if you don’t plan on eating something in the next couple of weeks. The freezer will keep the meals fresh and tasty in the long run. Don’t forget to package them accordingly and label them so that you know exactly when you’ve put something in the freezer.

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