Why the scariest time of the year doesn’t have to be the loneliest

Don’t trust us, trust the science. When you’re done reading this, open a new tab and google “link between fear and arousal”. It’s a documented and widely reported fact that there is a legitimate psychological link between being scared and being aroused. And you know what is right around the corner? That’s right Halloween, and with dating app The Inner Circle the scariest part of the year doesn’t have to be the loneliest.

It’s colder, there’s less going on, and the sun sets ridiculously early now. All of that can put your mind right off dating, but the science says the exact opposite. There are scares on every corner, from horror films to The Purge being a TV series now, its really is the time to ramp up your dating game.

And if that wasn’t enough, dating apps widely report an increase in activity during the winter months. Spiking in January, as the nights get longer the apps get more popular, with more active users and a higher chance of scoring a date. So the only question left really is why aren’t you already downloading The Inner Circle, the only selective dating app that puts on exclusive events in cities around the world, that’s filled with eligible and attractive singles, and has a wall up in their main office full of wedding invites and baby pictures from previous members that have found success on the service. Download it here, and don’t forget to google that fear/arousal link, it’s fascinating stuff.

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