Chihuahuas Still Crowding Shelters, S.F. to Fly More Pups to New York

Last year we told you about the Paris Hilton syndrome that plagued…

    Mon Feb 28th, 2011 2:56pm By Erin Sherbert

“Hedwig” creator John Cameron Mitchell switches gears

“I can hold the tape recorder,” filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell offers. “I…

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San Francisco's Not Ready to Give Up Its Historic Cocktails

Our favorite morsel from the blogs. Tasting Table's recent list of the…

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Right in Front of Your Eyes

Aoi Yamaguchi is a performance calligrapher. Wielding a big brush (or two),…

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Daniel Patterson Talks Storytelling and Food, Zings New York Chefs

As a prelude to Le Fooding's upcoming New York vs. San Francisco…

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Food Blogs We Love: Slice Harvester

The project of a New Yorker aiming to feast on every oily…

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Rivers and Fog — and Girders

Painter Younhee Paik does something we love. Not only is she a…

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Nate Appleman's New York Restaurant Pulino's Sounds Suspiciously Like SPQR

Ever since he hopped a train east, chef Nate Appleman, formerly of…

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On the Brinker

Every town has its share of big butch daggers with swaggers, and…

    Wed Feb 17th, 2010 4:00am By Tara Jepsen

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Our critics weigh in on local theater

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