Now Open: Burma Superstar's Eats, a Breakfast and Lunch Joint

Richmond District diner Eats reopened last week under the management of the…

    Thu Feb 4th, 2010 4:20pm By Tamara Palmer

New Burger Joint Uncle Boy's Delivers to the Richmond and Maybe Beyond (If You're Nice)

Uncle Boy's (245 Balboa at Fourth Ave.) opened Dec. 1 and quickly…

    Tue Jan 5th, 2010 9:00am By Tamara Palmer

Free Chocolate Pasties in the Richmond! Um, Slightly Used

One a recent night in the Richmond, you could have furnished a…

    Fri Oct 16th, 2009 10:38am By Meredith Brody

What the Pho? New Eating Challenge is a Load of Tripe

Jin D. via Yelp Can you handle the truth? Eater SF has…

    Tue Jul 21st, 2009 1:00pm By Tamara Palmer

Roll Play: Sakura Bune's Honey Walnut Roll

Sakura Bune (5701 Geary) offers a Japanese twist on an Americanized Chinese…

    Mon Apr 27th, 2009 10:55am By Tamara Palmer

Meals Under $8: Pan-Fried Noodles at Thai Noodle Jump

Among the more than 50 traditional offerings at Thai Noodle Jump (560…

    Wed Apr 22nd, 2009 11:30am By Tamara Palmer

Board of Supes Vs. Starbucks, Redux: Back In The Richmond

Even a Board-of-Supervisors-sized smackdown last year hasn't stopped Starbucks from wiggling into…

    Fri Jan 18th, 2008 9:00am By Brian Bernbaum

BAGel Radio Surviving 'Day Music Died' Pretty Well

Every Tuesday morning, the SF Weekly news blog the Snitch profiles one…

    Tue Oct 2nd, 2007 6:00am By David Downs

Board Of Supervisors Vs. Starbucks: Smackdown In The Richmond

Taco Bell and Kentucky Fred Chicken are no doubt shedding greasy tears…

    Wed Sep 12th, 2007 4:07pm By Brian Bernbaum

Start the Fire

The grazing's great at the Richmond's most inviting Korean barbecue

    Wed Dec 20th, 2006 4:00am By Robert Lauriston