Jon Lovitz Loves Stand-Up, Acting, and Singing — But Not in That Order

Comedian Jon Lovitz always aspired to become a stand-up comedian. But his…

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Marc Maron on Marc Maron Industries: the Podcast, the Book, the IFC Series, and the Palace of Fine Arts This Saturday

If nothing else, 2013 is the Year of Maron. After a long…

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Q&A: Steve-O from Jackass Performs New Debasing Stunt … Stand-Up Comedy

While the era of the traveling freak show may be over, the…

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Photo of the Day: Dave Chappelle at The Independent

Dave Chappelle performs at The Independent. Did you see him?

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Local Comedy Shows Around the Fourth of July Weekend

We hope you've secured a few vacation days for the upcoming holiday…

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Tracy Morgan Talks About Suffering for Comedy — and Telephonic Impregnation

NBC recently announced that the next (and seventh) season of its marquee…

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Jimmy Pardo to New Comedians: Stop Thinking About It and Do It!

Jimmy Pardo says, “Whenever people ask me for advice on comedy and…

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Greg Proops, S.F. Stand-Up Legend, Kills the Room with Smart (and Smart-Ass) Humor

It's hard to imagine a comedy performance more energetic or well received…

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Maria Bamford and Nato Green: Simpatico Stand-Up at the Punch Line

Maria Bamford's comic persona is seated in quietly intense, sweaty-palmed neurosis. In…

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Richard Lewis on Stand-Up Comedy, His Heroes, and … Happiness

When Richard Lewis is in a room, no one else needs to…

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