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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kings of Commenting: Top Weekly Comments on SF

Posted By on Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 10:15 AM

Dear reader community, similar to the Onion, this publication is a one-way conduit for information, we appreciate your lack of daily input.

However, we occasionally amuse ourselves with your reactions when they penetrate our calloused, evil media hearts.

Here's our faves of the week. —David Downs

We say, slacker guys and striver girls shouldn't date, or something:

billy says,

Well if this the best story EVER in the SF weekly then it just goes to show the sad state of journalism in this City. Fluff, fluff, and more fluff, hipster nonsense. It reads like some yuppie chicks Teen People mag and it is just as important and relevant.

but E Taylor says,

I really enjoyed this article. I used to depend too much on my girlfriend, and I didn't see how it was hurting her. Now I work a lot harder to be supportive on all levels. Thanks for bringing the issue to the surface.

We say, the moped gangs of SF are angry and silly!

john doe says,

You are a total hack. Fuck you and your paper.

while Chris P. Bacon says,

You're scum. SF Weekly is scum. Not only is this REALLY OLD news (as in your a year too late!), but your throwing peoples names into a paper where anyone can read it when they clearly said they didn't want to be featured in your stupid little article.


Whereas Lucy the Daughter of the Devil says,

#1: The SF Weekly is a locally owned/run paper that often prints stories that the corporate rags don't or won't.

#2: This is a FREE paper. If you don't like it, don't pick it up or surf to it (no brainer)

#3: The words 'Moped' & 'gangs' should NEVER, I repeat, N-E-V-E-R be used together (unless it's a joke)

#4: Men/boys don't look cool on a moped in the US -EVER

#5: If you slammed this article, then maybe YOU need some psych help

#6: Everyone NOT born in California, move away from the keyboard & don't even think about touching the mouse!

Finally, anyone with even a mild sense of humor would find this article entertaining (as I did). Basically, what a newspaper calls a 'fluff' piece. Boy, was it ever (double entendre')!! I commend the writer for taking flak on a 'fluff' piece & writing about an assignment for which they got almost no input from the intended parties. Let me see the hacks (commentors) on here do that!

Thanks, Lucy.

Now. We say Ghostface Killah is not totally perfect.

Ronny Mack says,

This is the worst fucking article ever. Wu-Tang blows collectively and Ghost is the only thing that has kept up to the par of 36 chambers. "More fish is lackluster"- this guy is a fucking idiot.

whereas Steve Blackfoot says,

This is a great article. Just because somebody has street credentials doesn't mean he can't also be a crybaby. Learn to take a little criticism. And yes, More Fish was lackluster.

We say Jay Z has fallen the fuck off.

cheebahawk says,

You are an Idiot. Go listen to Jessica Simpson or something cause its obvious you know absolutely nothing about hip-hop.

while jay-hole says, since Jay-Z will be 40 next year, maybe someone a little older should have reviewed this?

We say, SF needs to kill its Armenian genocide resolution.

vrej khanasorian says,

let me slaughter your mother, father, gradparents and children like sheep and then tell me you dont seek recognition and justice because the killer is freinds with the police.

you have NO SPINE, youre a worm

We say the Raiders suck and the Niners suck.

Cody says,

this story was a waste of time, do us all a favor and dont write anymore. My 2nd grade daughter can write a better story than you. Grow up

And jeff weyhing sas,

you do not deserve to be a raiders fan. if anyone sucks it's YOU!

We say, Redd Kross kicked ass at Slims.

Scott Epstein says,

I flew in from Denver with my 16 year old son just for this show. Absolutely astounding performance. I swear to god Redd Kross has got to be the best band ever. Please come to Denver!!

We say, Wu-Tang's new album was good.

kebzer says,

Man, either you're totally irrelevant to the hiphop world or you're getting paid by someone to say these things. 8 diagrams is pure s**t and I'm 100% with Raekwon on this. Go get yourself a life and next time you review something, first take those CEO's d**ks out of your ears...

We called bullshit on legal absinthe in SF.

Mambo Rafiki says,

I agree. This newly legal stuff is not absinthe. Whom are they kidding?


We give you a Friday Morning Pre-Party every Friday.

And Serli says,

You guys at sfweekly are writing really great! Please go on.

We will, Serli, if only for you and your crazy Russian ways.

Thanks for commenting, everybody. We promise to ignore your poorly punctuated calls for excellence and wisdom. Our traffic proves you want Simpsons and glory holes, so fuck it.

(Every Wednesday Kings of Commenting dredges up the best and worst feedback from this sick thing we call a web community. Ick, we fell dirty even using that word.)

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