Lucky 13 Site Listed For $9.75M - August 7, 2017 - SF Weekly
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Lucky 13 Site Listed For $9.75M

Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

For years, patrons of Lucky 13 have bemoaned plans to demolish the long-time dive bar and replace it with luxury condos. The depressing news first hit revelers in 2015, when preliminary plans were filed with the city, catching the eye of local media.

As the months ticked on and proposals wended their way through Planning, the news only got more dire: a generic modern design was revealed, and a brief hope that the building’s historical status would deter developers was dashed. The site is currently owned by Frank Cafferkey of Multiventure LLC, who, along with architect Warner Schmalz, developed a plan for a five-story, 27-unit residential building, with ground-floor commercial space. 

Then in May of this year, a building permit was posted on the beloved bar’s smoking courtyard, alerting the neighborhood that demolition was imminent.

Bar-goers held their breath for the wrecking ball…but none came. Now, in an odd twist, it appears that the lot has been listed for sale by its current owners. Socketsite broke the news Monday afternoon, and through our own research, we came across a ColdwellBanker posting for the lot — which went live on Friday — listing it at $9.75 million. 

For now, the future of 2140 Market St. is in limbo. There’s little doubt that buyers will line up for the chance to purchase the site, which is in a hot development area of the city. Fans of the bar can only hope that the bidding war will take a while, to further preserve the bar’s neon cult-like status, friendly bartenders, and neon red decor. In the meantime, stop in for a PBR and a shot.