Townsend Sinkhole Gets a Twitter Account

@SinkholeOn7th is now here to answer all your sinkhole meme needs.

(Photo courtesy @SinkholeOn7th))

We have some excellent parody Twitter accounts in San Francisco. @KarlTheFog, who unapologetically swallows our city on the regular. @BobGunderson, who angrily berates any form of transportation in the city that is undertaken without a motor vehicle, and @MesozoicPolk, who mocks NIMBYism by insisting Polk Street should be returned to its original state, complete with dinosaurs. Now, we can add @SinkholeOn7th to the mix, created Friday after a construction vehicle fell into a 14-foot sinkhole on Townsend near Seventh Street. 

The construction vehicle, which is reported to have been carrying cement and two bulldozers, has been removed from the scene.

“I’m just a hole in San Francisco. Or am I a metaphor? Some people think I’m ‘risky.'” reads the Twitter bio of the account. 

Although new, the account has already checked off the standard Twitter success list of memes, gifs and bad photoshop jobs. 

But the creation of sinkhole Twitter accounts, believe it or not, isn’t actually a new thing. @SinkholeOn7th has lots of company, with @OttawaSinkhole, @HobokenSinkhole, and @CanalStSinkhole, to name a few.

Let’s just hope we’re not wishing the Townsend sinkhole happy birthday a year from now. 


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