Tuesday Seven: Half Moon Bay Brewery’s Taproom

Plus Blue Bottle closes one location and opens another, and yikes, Blue Apron sounds like a hellish employer.

Charcuterie at Half Moon Bay Brewing

Pacific Standard, Half Moon Bay Brewery’s Berkeley Taproom

It’s coming two weeks from Wednesday, and there are going to be 16 to 24 local and regional beers on tap. Half Moon Bay Brewery‘s Pacific Standard Taproom & Growler Station (2055 Center St., Berkeley) will be open seven days a week, serving bar nibbles like pretzels and charcuterie along with panini and a rotating selection of beer, wine, and cider. Yes, there will be growler refills.

Trump Supporters Vs. Zeitgeist

Probably hoping to pull a James O’Keefe and expose liberal San Franciscans as intolerant bullies so they could light up the conservative internet and maybe get to use the #tcot hashtag with pride, some Trump supporters got themselves kicked out of Zeitgeist, posting video that demonstrates more than a little heat on both sides. Hoodline reports that the incident happened “two or three months ago,” and SFist speculates that the would-be provocateurs did not randomly choose any old bar, what with Zeitgeist’s reputation for zealous bouncing and “Decapitate Trump” sticker. Such is the way of the troll.

Trader Joe’s on Fourth and Market Pushed Back to 2017

They didn’t cite a specific reason but Trader Joe’s (10 Fourth St.) is likely tangled in the same bureaucratic web that snares almost everyone, so no Joe-Joe’s until next year.

Holy Crap, Blue Apron Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

In an exposé reminiscent of The New York Times‘ controversial look at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, Buzzfeed went to Blue Apron‘s Richmond, Calif., headquarters and found OSHA violations, sexual assault, employees threatening to shoot one another, and some bite marks. It sounds like a stressful environment even when people aren’t getting stabby, too. One person compared it to Black Friday at Best Buy, while another told Buzzfeed, “There were plenty of times where the kitchen would say we had 2,000 celery, but we actually had zero,” one former team lead told BuzzFeed News. “So we’d run around like chickens with our heads cut off looking for celery.” Is it possible that there is darkness under Silicon Valley’s sunny facade after all?

Blue Bottle Closing in the Mission, Reopening on South Park

Inside Scoop reports that as of Oct. 16, Blue Bottle Coffee will close its four-year-old outpost inside Heath Ceramics in the Mission, and open a larger space at 2 South Park in SoMa. There will be as-yet-undetermined zero-proof coffee drinks, which sounds most intriguing.

Why Home Is Still Standing, Five Years After It Closed

Hoodline looks into the building at 2100 Market at Church, which was supposed to be demolished five years ago to make way for extremely bland condos and some ground-level retail. Apparently, Planning signed off on it and the ball is in the Department of Building Inspection’s court, but … nothing. In a grim twist for a space that once housed Home, it appears that squatters have been living there.

More Chinatown Neon!

EZ5, Sam Wo, Buddha Lounge — they’re all there. Hoodline’s series on neon signs in Chinatown comes to part three.

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