A driver blew through a red light this morning and slammed into a jogger along Masonic Avenue, throwing her into the air before plowing into the side of an SUV that had been traveling just in front of your correspondent and his daughter.

The collision happened as city officials added finishing touches on a long-overdue proposal to calm traffic along the deadly thoroughfare.

“The speeding on Masonic is out of control,” said Annika Ehrlich, a UCSF nurse who lives a couple of blocks from the intersection where emergency workers had just picked up the jogger. “This is a neighborhood with families and children, yet motorists treat it like a highway.”

The red-light-runner would have broadsided me and my 8-year-old daughter, rather than the SUV, had we arrived at the intersection two seconds earlier. Given we were riding a tandem bicycle, and not a 3,000-pound motor vehicle, chances are we'd have been injured as bad as the jogger.