Best 49er

Andy Lee

Being a football punter is a paradoxical position. The less you do, the better things are for your team. In fact, the punter's appearance on the field only indicates the team's incompetence. So, considering the last few 49ers' seasons have been unmitigated failures, it's nice to know that the man whose job it is to make up for said failures has been a smashing success. Hardly anyone has punted as much as Andy Lee over the past half a dozen seasons — and almost no one does it as well. The 28-year-old averaged 46.2 yards per boot last year, coming off three consecutive seasons over 47 yards a kick. Lee's punts traveled 4,203 yards last year. That's 2.4 miles. And, incidentally, it's 590 yards more than the Niners' quarterbacks managed to throw.


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