Best All-American Men's Clothing


In December 2008, San Francisco's longest-lived purveyor of supergay clothing finally closed its doors. All-American Boy typified the Castro aesthetic for more than 30 years, offering enough bikini briefs and square-cut swimsuits to supply a lifetime's worth of regrettable trips to Provincetown. Alas, like six-pack abs and Brazilian waxes, it simply wasn't meant to last. In 2009, a very different kind of men's boutique appeared in a quieter corner of the neighborhood, and it's enough to make you wonder whether the Castro just might be growing up. Unionmade offers no basket-enhancing underwear or D&G tracksuits. Instead, owner Todd Barket stocks his shelves with a range of domestically crafted pieces that range from the familiar (Levi's Vintage, Woolrich) to the relatively obscure (Rogues Gallery, Mark McNairy). The prevailing theme is rough-and-tumble Americana — the perfect outfitter for any guy, gay or straight, who wants to butch it up in style.


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