Best All-You- Can-Eat Pizza

Goat Hill Pizza

Goat Hill has been spinning pies for more than 20 years, since back when ordinary folk could actually afford to live on Potrero Hill, and it's changed very little in that time. It still has the same red candles and red-checkered tablecloths, and it also still has an all-you-can-eat pizza bash every Monday night beginning at 5 p.m., when servers weave through the crowded restaurant, balancing steaming pizzas above their heads, feeding the hungry masses slice by slice. Think of it as a dim sum experience, except that there are large pitchers of beer on the tables and an all-you-can-eat salad bar in the back. Goat Hill's owner, Phillip D'Andrade, usually greets his patrons at the door, charging $8.50 per person ($4.75 for kids ages 6 to 12) for all the food they can swallow. He's a grass-roots politico from way back, and treats his employees well, granting his veteran staff paid vacations and a health plan. The employees have been loyal to him in return; many have worked there for years.


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