Best Art from Trash

Recology Artist-in-Residence Program

Unlimited access to a junkyard — and all society's detritus. It's any artist's dream. Recology helps a handful of artists realize it by letting them inhabit a studio at the company's refuse transfer station for several months at a time, and earn a stipend for doing so. They find new purposes for existing things by sawing, painting, refinishing, sanding, and bolting them onto other objects. Late last year, Suzanne Husky created a number of Sleeper Cell Hotels, one resembling a porcupine and another a hybrid of a flying saucer and an Airstream trailer. In the late 2000s, the program helped further the career of Nemo Gould, a sort of mad genius who makes gorgeous, refined, retro-nightmare creatures from the wood and aluminum of appliances as well as gauges, electrical parts, TV screens, and whatever might form a leg, a claw, a tentacle, or shoulder. Jules Verne would be proud.


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