Best Bar for Expats to Watch Their Home Sports Teams

Kezar Pub & Restaurant

A friend of ours was in Rio de Janeiro for his birthday last year when he wandered into a bar, glanced at the TV, and saw not the inevitable soccer game, but the San Francisco Giants, live via satellite from what was then Pac Bell Park. Myriad charms of Rio notwithstanding, it was the greatest moment of his entire trip. Acute, sports-exacerbated homesickness is an issue in our beautiful city as well, and the best place to relieve those expat-in-limbo symptoms is the Kezar. Fifteen (count 'em) TVs juiced by four global satellites glow with baseball, basketball, hockey, and each and every NFL game, as well as soccer and rugby for the even farther afield. (The friendly staff will change the channel to any game available upon request.) The pub's namesake being just across the street, the walls feature Kezar Stadium-era 49er photos, and there are pool and darts to keep you occupied between innings. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, lots of draft beer, excellent Bloody Marys, and an appropriately boisterous ambience further dispel end-of-the-continent blues.

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