Best Basement for Shows

Li Po

Li Po is one of the few “anything goes” bars left in this NIMBY city. Want to end your Sundays swaying to rare soul with the Sweater Funk DJs? Craving fractured psych-pop one weekend and ear-bleeding noise the next? Scouting out tweaked techno, “Night Kitchen” style? It's all hiding in the Li Po dungeon. The dive bar's cachet comes with a couple of caveats, however. The only way to hear about these shows, which occur in a cramped, dank basement, is by word of mouth, Internet, or Twitter from someone performing there. The itty-bitty concert cave is overtaken by various underground promoters, who spread the word through random bulletins. Occasionally you'll catch a listing on Steve Koepke's live music rundown (visit for the sites that publish his listings). But you can also just follow the hipsters as they descend Li Po's stairwell. You're guaranteed some form of strangely memorable entertainment, no matter the host.


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