Best Beer and Food Ambassador

Almanac Beer Co.

Every once in a while, we find ourselves thinking “Man, we sure could go for some beer brewed with locally sourced fennel.” Evidently, Almanac Beer Co. is listening. The Almanac team collaborates with local farms to incorporate sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables into their brews. The result is food-friendly beers that appeal to both the beer geek and foodie contingent. Almanac's Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan have been elevating beer's image in more ways than one. In addition to placing their beer in many of S.F.'s finest restaurants, they have received widespread accolades for their in-house design work. With designation as a Good Food Awards National Finalist and inclusion in Draft Magazine's list of the 25 Best Beers of 2011, what's inside the bottles has been consistently praised as well. In addition to their bottled products, head to the Fairmont Hotel to try the house saison brewed with honey from the hotel's rooftop bees. And cross your fingers that the Almanac folks don't meet any local broccoli farmers.

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