Best Beer Bar to Brave a Trans-Bay Trip For

Beer Revolution

There's no kitchen churning out high-end pub fare, no graphic-designed drink list, no muddled fruit, purées, or homemade tinctures to get in the way at Beer Revolution. There is simply beer: rivers and rivers of wonderful beer, flowing from 47 taps, filling head-to-toe coolers full of bottles that you can take home or crack open at the bar for a $1 corkage charge. Beer Revolution is a great example of focusing on one thing and doing it well. The staff will talk and taste you through the ever-changing selection, scrawled across giant chalkboards, and often you might find a visiting brewer serving a brand-new creation, or a day devoted to a particular style (Imperial Stout festival!). Beer nerds, rejoice: You've reached the promised land.


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