Best Bulk Food Store

Other Avenues

So Other Avenues isn't in the pulsing heart of the city, and it's not the most convenient place to drop in before a picnic at Dolores Park. But the N-Judah stops in front, and taking the trip across town to this natural-foods cooperative is worth the time if you like buying organic, mostly locally grown food by the pound. Other Avenues carries more than 30 whole-bean coffees; nearly 40 blends of granola and breakfast cereals; 50 varieties of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits; and 15 trail mixes. The shop also features bins of artisan candy, energy bars and chocolate chips, flour, wheatgerm, and oat bran. You'll fall to your knees before the vats of organic maple syrup, oils, honey, and molasses, and the mighty wall of grains and pastas nearly hits the ceiling. Other Avenues also flaunts almost 250 specimens of herbs and spices. Make the trek and indulge in the wealth.


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