Best Burgers


The great American hamburger is as close as this minichain of trim, family-owned hangouts. Naturally raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free Niman Ranch beef is formed into a half-pound patty and grilled the way you like it, resulting in a magnificently smoky, juicy example of the burger-maker's art. The red onions are crisp, the butter lettuce is leafy, and the applewood-smoked Niman bacon adds sweet, chewy contrasts. (Other toppin' options include four kinds of cheese, grilled onions, and — why not? — pineapple and mango.) Among the sides are skinny, crunchy garlic fries lightly dusted with roasted garlic and a spring mix salad dressed with a pleasantly spicy vinaigrette. There's Anchor Steam, Bass, and Sierra Nevada on tap; the shakes, malts, and floats are made from Mitchell's peerless ice cream; and — another plus — the Duboce Triangle and North Beach outlets are open till midnight.


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