Best Cafe Mocha

Alfred Schilling Chocolate, Pastry & Restaurant

We've made mistakes in our lives, we admit. Once we tried a Starbucks frapuccino, and it tasted like the milk left over after eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. We're adults, for chrissake (our Pez addiction notwithstanding). To complete the finicky, sophisticated, bon vivant lifestyle we so carefully attempt to project, we turn to chocolatier Alfred Schilling's velvety dark cafe mocha every time. Both sophisticated and primal, this mocha takes us on forays Juan Valdez never imagined. (Schilling's exotic décor is also transporting.) The rich espresso, the steamed milk, and that magic chocolate elixir that only a master could concoct — well, we sense lost ancient civilizations in the stuff. Hosting a friendly get-together with Cleopatra, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Gustav Klimt, and Oscar Wilde? This is what we'd serve.

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