Best Classic Bakery

Tartine Bakery & Cafe

Though it's been open since 2002, there is still a daily line at 4:30 p.m. as bread comes out of the oven. Chocolate-chip cookies still have to be rationed out to customers since the demand is so consistently high. Owners Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson have done much more for the community than carb-loading over the years, though. They spun off the bakery's success into the nearby Bar Tartine restaurant, and Prueitt has founded a nonprofit, the Conductive Education Center of San Francisco, which has run summer programs for children with physical challenges. Robertson is regarded as a guru in the bread-baking world, and his tomes on the subject have all become instant textbooks. Now, the bakery even has a hand in supporting the pop-up food world: Two of its staffers serve Mexican food in a space next to the bakery on Friday and Saturday nights in a venture called Loqui.


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