Best Classic Taco Truck

El Gallo Giro

Taco trucks like El Gallo Giro are the originals of the food truck scene. Sometimes, distracted by the audacity of the graphics and menu at the newest truck, we forget about the simple (and filling) delight that comes from a classic $1.50 carnitas taco. There's nothing fancy at this truck, just the egalitarian pleasure of chunks of pork seared on the grill long enough to get the edges crisp, but not so long that they dry out. A quick splash of a medium-hot salsa, diced onions, and chopped cilantro gets sprinkled on the pork after it's nestled on a couple of corn tortillas. Take one bite and they re-establish what the baseline for a great taco is — and how little you really need to make it delicious.


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