Best Coffee Bean Roasters

San Francisco Coffee Company

Wine you age, not coffee. When the roasted beans sit, like national brands do for weeks or months on grocery store shelves, the beans turn into bitter little rocks that lose their flavor and aroma. The locally roasted product delivered by the San Francisco Coffee Company gets to your home grinder in a few days at the peak of freshness. The big companies use computers to set the temperature and time of the roast, but here they use an 80-year-old German roasting machine and an experienced human eye to tell them the roasted beans are ready for cooling. Small batches allow for quality control, and they zip it to 300 local stores and coffee shops as quick as a caffeine jolt. The Espresso Blend is cooked to a deep dark chocolate color and the aromatic intensity comes flowing from the bag. Bean aficionados know the total experience is much more than a morning habit, and it's meant to be savored.


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