Best Cool Little Farmers' Market

Fort Mason Farmers' Market

Despite its smallish dimensions, Fort Mason's farmers' market always seems to have whatever freshly plucked fruits and veggies you're looking for, whether it's Hollister celery root and sun-dried Kingsburg persimmons or off-the-comb La Honda honey and smoked cod from Half Moon Bay. In-the-know shoppers from the Marina and Cow Hollow converge on the market's two rows of produce stands every Sunday morning, turning this tiny bit of GGNRA parkland into an island of urban hustle-bustle. Like any good farmers' market, it's a gathering spot and social center as well as a shopper's nexus, with live music and strolling families adding to the whole convivial ambiance. There are also picnic tables and benches and an array of ready-to-eat snacks (the hot-from-the-steamer chicken-chive dumplings are especially tasty) if you're hungry right now.

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