Best Deal on Craft Beer in America

Lucky 13's Happy Hour

The world nearly stopped last year when rumors that this well-graffitied, deeply historied Market Street rock 'n' roll bar would be knocked down and turned into condos started circulating. Lesson learned: Everything is temporary, including happy hour, so the time to roll in and grab a cheap pint is now. This barn-sized bar's status in the local drinking circuit is well-known, but less-advertised — until now; you're welcome — is the true silver tuna. The bar has such a good reputation that it's scored an account with always-in-demand, oft-out-of supply Russian River Brewery, makers of Pliny the Younger. While you won't find pours of that mythic brew for a dollar off, you can get Blind Pig, Pliny the Elder, or whatever other Russian River keg is on tap — and at happy hour, a beer that could cost you $9 and up at the hip restaurant up the street is yours for the price of a few songs on the CD jukebox.

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