Best Dessert Off a Truck

Buttermilk Pie From The Rib Whip

As you can probably tell from the name, Rib Whip doesn't specialize in dessert — but if the truck sold nothing but wedges of its Grandma Ruth's Buttermilk Pie ($5), there would still be a line. The graham cracker crust is the secret weapon, adding crispy texture and sporadic lightly salty bites that keep the whole thing from becoming too cloying. A light layer of buttermilk custard sits above the crust, silky and tangy and just as bold as you please. The pie is capped with a towering cloud of whipped cream that at first seems excessive until you have a bite, and realize that this is a dessert that you'll always have room for, no matter how much of the truck's barbecue you've already eaten.


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