Best Downhill Race

Bring Your Big Wheel Race

There's no need to train for this race; just grab your old Big Wheel out of your garage and be ready to embrace gravity. The annual Easter Sunday race begins on Potrero Hill on Vermont at 20th Street, where you're likely to plunk down your Big Wheel between costumed competitors, some dressed for the holiday: bunnies, chicks, and Jesuses (because how can you cut him off?). The furious and funny few minutes down Vermont, one of San Francisco's curviest streets sans tourists, creates a mass of gravelly sound and low-lying blur. With hairpin-turn pileups, plastic wheel bustups, and the fact that your greatest opponent might actually be your knees as they hit the handlebars, you never know who might make it to the bottom first. This race does have a couple of rules, and a release form for racers. Check out the website if you want to compete in the 13th annual race in 2012.

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