Best Easy Hike

Coastal Trail Along Lands End

There's no dearth of great hikes in and around San Francisco, but many of them are, well, hard. When you're not up for a strenuous hill climb but you still want to get out and walk — or when you have visitors in town who consider even Market Street too steep — head to the end of Geary and walk the Coastal Trail. At 42nd Avenue, Geary curves into Point Lobos; follow it to 48th and turn right on El Camino del Mar, which dead-ends into a parking lot. Head down the stairs to the trail and turn right. The path is wide and easy, for the most part, with just a few steps and some spectacular views. When you hit the tony neighborhood of Sea Cliff, stroll the sidewalks until you can turn left into the cul-de-sac that feeds down to Baker Beach. If you're feeling adventuresome, walk the length of Baker and continue the Coastal Trail all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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