Best Facial


If you find yourself scrutinizing your pores and lamenting prolonged adolescence despite the scads of magic potions lining your medicine cabinet, look no further. Mission District aesthetician Kimberly Yap Tan is the kind of gung-ho beauty maven who will tell you there's a perfect skincare regimen for everyone, even those beleaguered by bad skin. The fact that she has a ream of devoted clients suggests she knows what she's talking about. Tan's warm tableside manner is complemented by a unique clinical/holistic approach that zaps misconceptions about the efficacy of expensive products and the management of acne (e.g., stress isn't really a no-no, but dairy is) while delivering a mean eyebrow wax. You can come in for corrective treatments like clinical peels and microdermabrasion, while the lucky buggers who don't suffer from blemishes can opt for the Shilpa special, a toe-curling European facial with plenty of hot towels, hand and foot massages, and yummy salves for your visage.


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