Best Fancy Retro-Modern California Cuisine Cocktails

Bar Agricole

In today's boozing universe, when every respectable bar has as many house-made bitters and organic herbs and spices as it does gins, rums, and whiskies, Bar Agricole goes that extra mad-scientist farm-to-table mile. Housed in a century-old SOMA warehouse with its own Biodynamic herb garden, the place is stocked with a dazzling array of custom-distilled spirits, tinctures, and elixirs to complement an equally striking selection of top-shelf liquor. All juices are squeezed to order from locally grown fruit; 3-by-5-inch hand-cut ice cubes are employed in the shaking for more foam and less dilution; and the resulting cocktails, carefully crafted by detail-oriented bartenders who can chat knowledgeably about the relative merits of Cointreau and curaçao, are potent, beautifully balanced, and enticing.


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