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Emerson USA

Looking for an appropriate bit of bunting for Aruba Autonomy Day? How about a state visit from the president of Djibouti, the prince of Liechtenstein, the prime minister of Vanuatu, or the governor of Rhode Island? Emerson has flags, banners, and pennants for every conceivable occasion, including a few you just came up with. They've got your pirate flags, pride flags, Giants flags, airfield safety flags, St. Kitts–Nevis flags, even the official rising-phoenix city flag in case Gavin drops by for tea. (They'll also custom-create special flags for your next theme party, conference, or convention.) All Emerson flags, pennants, banners, and wind-socks are made from nontoxic, environmentally friendly materials, and are printed with colorfast water-dispersed dyes or appliquéd with hand-sewn stripes and hand-embroidered stars.


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