Best Flaming Bowl of Liquor

The Scorpion

While Trader Vic's in Emeryville boasts the most enormous Scorpion, and the Outer Richmond's Trad'r Sam's offers the tastiest Scorpion for the best value (with a frothy splash of champagne added, to boot), the Lilo's Scorpion bowl wins for presentation — the Bacardi-fueled flame in its ceramic center adds just the right touch of tropical mystery. The exact ingredients remain a mystery as well. According to one waitress the sticky-sweet beverage is a concoction of “a bunch of rum, and a bunch of juice.” Cherries, orange slices, wedges of lime, and umbrellas float around like life rafts inside the bowl, and plastic monkeys hang from the side. The menu explains that this is a drink for two or three people “or one brave soldier.” Our advice: Stand tall and be that soldier — after one Scorpion, if you close your eyes you'll be on your way to the Solomon Islands of your soul.

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