Best Free Weekly Writing Practice

Fridays at noon at Café La Boheme

The most intense writing practice in San Francisco is also the most open. Anyone who wants to be a writer walks in, sits down, and puts at least two “prompts” into a hat. One is picked randomly. All attendees write, and then read their work aloud. No one gives feedback. Then someone else picks a prompt from the hat. Repeat for an hour. The practice sessions, every Friday at noon for about a year, are the brainchild of filmmaker Alice Wu and generally officiated by Cary Tennis, local writing workshop leader and's advice columnist. The sessions are held at Café La Boheme because it's close to the 24th Street Mission BART station, and the staff doesn't mind. Participating writers range from amateurs to published novelists — and people who are just looking for something creative (and free) to do.


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