Best Freshly Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Arguello Super Market

This modest Inner Richmond grocery store is famous among locals for its freshly roasted turkey sandwich. It takes some chutzpah to proclaim a product as the best or being world famous. But after 28 years in business, owner Sal Qaqundah can safely say that the quality speaks for itself. We concur: The sandwich is outstanding. The brined meat is moist, tender, and tasty. We couldn't be happier with the $5.99 price. The sandwich is assembled with your choice of condiments and bread; we're partial to the Dutch crunch. Cheese, avocado, or cranberry sauce cost an extra 75 cents each. During school season, hordes of University of San Francisco students visit the store, devouring as many as 12 turkeys' worth of sandwiches in one day. It's a testament to how good these are.


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