Best Gathering of the Bay Area's Music-Minded Multitudes

Bay Area Record Label Fair

The irony of a city with music coming out of every orifice is that one scene often doesn't know what the other scenes are doing. So this year, the folks behind Father/Daughter Records and production outfit Professional Fans assembled the first Bay Area Record Label Fair — B.A.R.F. for short — to bring the disparate corners of the city's music industry together. Held at Thee Parkside in February, the fair placed sellers of garage rock next to purveyors of techno, and had a few bands perform as well. More than 24 labels, stores, and distributors were represented. Even a cassette player made a cameo. Our focused musical diets can sometimes let us forget that, say, Oi! records and/or indie-pop bands exist, but the Bay Area Record Label Fair was a helpful reminder of the breadth of the local scene — and a great way for the smaller institutions of the S.F. music industry to ply their wares.

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