Best Giant

Stan Conte

Head athletic trainer

Behold, the boys of winter. As of July 1, the average age of the Giants' starting position players will be 36, the highest in baseball. Barry Bonds (40 years old) might be the star, but the most valuable Giant is the guy picking up the Celebrex prescriptions — Stan Conte. And if his spring is any indication, Conte, now in his 12th season with the Giants, will have a busy year: He spent most of March fielding questions about Bonds' bad knee, which thus far has derailed the left fielder's season. If there's someone who can handle a roster full of gouty knees, though, it's Conte. In 1997, he helped redesign the team's strength and conditioning program, and since then, according to the Giants, their players have spent the second-fewest days on the disabled list in the league.

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