Best Good Guys

St. Anthony Foundation/ Glide Memorial Church

Sometimes, life in our capitalist society can be as forgiving as a sock full of nickels upside the head, and as a result of bad luck, bad choices, or, most important, no money, people find themselves on the streets. In San Francisco, those streets are often in the Tenderloin, where dozens of nonprofits are there to lend a hand — not enough, some will argue, but still, it's hard to overlook the river of good deeds flowing through the neighborhood, particularly from St. Anthony's and Glide Memorial Church. Between them, the organizations serve over 5,000 free meals a day, and that's just the beginning. Job training, counseling, medical care, drug treatment, and dozens of other programs are there for those who need them. If you've hit a rough patch and are ready to ask for help, St. Anthony's and Glide will do their best. Glide holds a great church service. St. Anthony's blesses cabs. The city would be a very cold place without them.

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